• April 26 2007

    My Jun, My Style

    My Jun, My Styleis the first single album fromLee Jun Ki. He released his mini albumMy Jun, My Style- April 26, 2007 which contains three touching ballads, which he wrote primarily for his fans at the Episode 1 fan meeting on May 21, 2006. In addition, this release comes with a DVD containing special footage of Lee's visits around Asia and behind-the-scenes footage. The photo album offers a first …

       Lee Jun Ki 's Album
  • January 29 2013


       Lee Jun Ki 's Album
  • September 19 2012

    Just one day

    Arang is seen running in a chase scene with ghost MooYoung (Han JungSoo) who comes down to this world to catch Arang.Arang is also seen running somewhere to find out the truth of her death.

       Lee Jun Ki 's Album
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